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Apostle Fritz Musser is the Senior Pastor and his wife, Pastor Lisa Musser, is the First Lady, of Tabernacle International Church (“TIC”), a diverse congregation with over 50 nations.  Apostle and Pastor train leaders in the local church and throughout the Body of Christ to live out their lives at a high level of excellence and anointing, thus impacting the work of God’s Kingdom here on earth.  With over 40 years of ministry experience, they bring a lot of wisdom and insight into ministry, leadership and a personal walk with God.  TIC is the Spiritual covering to many outside ministries, including covenant churches and world-wide evangelistic ministries.  TIC is a model to many churches of leadership excellence, Christian unity, and purity of the flow of the Holy Spirit.


Apostle Fritz Musser has raised up and fathered many “Sons” in the ministry, providing oversight and counsel for Senior Pastors in their personal and ministry lives. He is a seasoned, wise and very well-respected leader in the local community and in the Body of Christ, globally.  Apostle leads others, by example, to focus on the presence of God above all else.  He leads the “Real Men” Men’s Ministry of TIC, in monthly Bible studies, to live balanced, peaceful, God-centered lives.  He preaches the Truth of God’s Word in the local church and around the world boldly and under a powerful anointing, without compromise.

Pastor Lisa has great compassion for the Church and has tremendous wisdom, discernment and insight in helping others reach their maximum potential through Christ.  Her heart for ministering to women releases them to new levels of freedom. She is a model of finding self-worth in God and not other people, something most people struggle to attain. She also preaches God’s Word boldly without compromise.