Clear Path to Destiny

Classes held Sundays
5:30 – 7:00 pm

April/May 2019 Class Dates:
April 7, 14, 28
May 5, 19, 26
NO Classes on Easter (April 21) and Mother’s Day (May 12)



Clear Path is an ongoing small group course of study for our church and community that is specifically designed to assist people with Biblical tools and practical and spiritual insight in how to apply those tools to grow and mature as a Christian and disciple of Christ.  Our Clear Path will always be 6 week sessions, with a variety of classes that pertain to marriage, finance, new believers, leadership development, Biblical studies, and personal growth and development.  Each session will offer a powerful selection of class options to better assist you in your journey to God’s destiny for your life.  

This is all at no cost to you.  You don’t have to sign up.  All you need to do is show up.  Choose a class that interest you and join us.

April/May 2019 Classes:

Leader:  Chad Hanson
All people need purpose.  In order to live in full purpose, one must develop their God-given potential.  Potential is similar to faith, we are all given a full measure of faith, but what we do with that measure makes all the difference.  Unless properly developed, potential can lead to a false-purpose which can derail your destiny.  So many people go through life searching for meaningful purpose without first discovering their God-given potential.  Passion fuels potential so we must uncover our true potential in order to walk in purpose.  Walking in passionate purpose is the only way to find true destiny. 
Whose you are is far more important than who you are as it pertains to destiny.  God created each of us to hear his voice and live in truth.  If we quiet our minds, God can whisper into our spirits which will awaken our true potential.  Once awake, we can develop that potential into passionate kingdom purpose.  So, what is your potential?  Let’s discover how that leads to your purpose.

Leader:  Pastor Lisa Musser
Our habits, the things we do day in and day out without even thinking, form our character and our character determines our destiny.  Song of Solomon 2:15 says, “Catch the little foxes that spoil the vine…”
In this class, we will identify and eradicate the “little foxes” (destructive habits) that have subtly crept in to keep us from fully experiencing God’s best. We will also learn how to develop good, Godly, and excellent habits that will lead us into a life of abundance, peace and blessing.  Do you want a life of defeat or a life of victory? The choice is yours; it’s all wrapped up in our daily habits. 

Leader:  Pastor Jason and Heather Barrett
Our Breakthrough Ministry is a new, ongoing ministry recently established here at TIC.  The purpose of Breakthrough Ministry is to offer an in-depth course of study on breaking “bondages” and “stronghold” off the lives of believers.  We all have purpose, but, many times we never experience the beauty of God’s best for us because there may be things in our life that permanently hold us back.  This course is designed to help you identify the problem and to give you the tools to apply in your daily life to experience God’s ultimate purpose for us to have total freedom. 
This course will allow the opportunity for individual counseling, if necessary to break any and all strongholds off of your life. This course is for every believer who experiences cyclical behavior and results and has a desire to see those broken in Jesus Name!


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