Parking Ministry

Our God has been so good to each of us! Coming to church is about worship. Serving is worship. Jesus said He came to serve. Serving outside in the parking lot is a ministry in itself. The Parking Team is TIC’s first expression of love and welcome to our church family, and the last expression of love and farewell as they leave the property. The warm greeting, smile, the friendly wave and even a hug goes a long way in preparing hearts to enter His presence. Dealing with various weather conditions is not for the faint in heart …but it is rewarding.

In the parking lot, our team provides a vital presence giving courteous direction, protection for our children, practical help in unexpected incidents ( jump starts, tow out of the mud etc.) and umbrella escort service as needed.

Will you join us? Just once a month will do, if that’s all you can commit. We love to pray at our open air altar and minister one to another. Contact a parking team leader for more info.

Reminder from the Parking Lot Team

  1. Please lock your cars and conceal all valuables.  Cars are parked at owner’s risk.
  2. Children must be supervised at all times in the parking lot.   Kids must wait and walk with their parents toward the building.
  3. All pedestrians have the right of way.  Please be courteous at all times and drive very slowly in the parking lot.
  4. Kids may not be “dropped off”.  Parents must come in and register their kids.  Park first and then accompany them to the registration table in the South Foyer or children’s auditorium.
  5. All signage and directions from the parking team should be observed.  This is for your safety.
  6. NO pets are allowed in parked vehicles unattended.
  7. Park on the grass areas only if directed to do so.
  8. Mothers with infants in carriers are encouraged to park near the entrance by the nursery check-in table.
  9. Guest parking spots are reserved for guests, overflow for seniors, disabled, pregnant mothers, large families, etc.  This is at the discretion of the parking team.
  10. Please do not get on your cell phone as soon as you get in your car.  Watch for pedestrians, other cars and the policeman giving direction at the street as you leave.  You need to stay alert and cautious while driving out of the parking lot.

We thank you for your cooperation.  We are here for your safety.  As our church family grows we want to maintain safety in our parking lots.